The Forks - Bean Cemetery (Mountain Road)

From data collected by Leona Sterling and Mildred Smith, 1938
Contributed by Frances Durgin Stuart
Please Note: This cemetery has been in continuous use since this data was compiled and so is not a complete listing.
ID Last First MI Birth Death Inscription Notes / Additional Inscriptions
1 Morris Ella M
Apr 23, 1887 dau of Wm. H. & Arina Morris; Ae 14
2 Durgin Infant

Aug 1, 1889 Son of Arthur and Emma Durgin
3 Powell James E June 30, 1850 June 11, 1929

4 Powell Lizzie T July 7, 1854 Apr 8, 1919 Wife of James E. Powell maiden name: Bates
5 Young Monty

Mar 24, 1880 Son of Irven & Sophia Young; Ae 9 ys 9 ms
6 - Belle

n.d. Baby no surname; These may be two separate graves
7 Hunter Matilda

Jan 11, 1864 Wife of Alex'r Hunter; Ae 20; One we loved has left our number, For the dark and silent tomb. Closed her eyes in deathly slumber, Faded in her early bloom.
8 Powell Albert T
Nov 29, 1869 Son of Maj. James E. & Mary A. Powell; Ae. 14 ys. Tracy, thou art gone to rest, And this shall be my prayer, That when I shall reach my journey's end, You will meet me there.
9 Stafford Fannie A
Feb 10, 1865 Dau of Obediah & Mary A. Stafford; Ae 3ys 4ms; Gone from the earth to the peaceful shore, Where we hope to meet our darling once more. To dwell forever in regions of bliss, Now earth has no joy that can equal this.
10 Stafford Obediah

Nov 20, 1868 Ae 32. He has gone to the home of the blest, Where the good and the virtuous go. We know that his soul is at rest, Because he was good here below.
11 Adams Mary A
July 2, 1900 Ae 67ys 10ms. Wife of William Adams Peaceful be they silent slumber. Peaceful in thy grave so low. Thou no more will join our number. Thou no more our sorrows know. Yet again we hope to meet thee, When the day of life is fled, And in Heaven with joy to greet thee, Where no farewell tears are shed.
NOTE: Mary Ann Hunter was married 1. Maj. James Powell; 2. Obediah Stafford; and 3. William Adams
12 Williams D P
Nov 19, 1876. Ae 67
13 Williams Esther M
Feb 8, 1880 His wife; Ae 67
14 Smith Cynthia R
July 19, 1870 Ae 21ys 5ms
15 Williams Abbie B
Nov 20. 1864 Ae 13ys 9ms; dau of Daniel P. & Esther Williams
16 Durgin Infant

Oct 28, 1854 ae 5 weeks 3 days; dau of Jeremiah & Maranda Durgin Sterling/Smith notes set the year of death at 1851, but it is assumed to be an error on the basis of death date of the child's mother, Maranda. Oct 28 is 5 weeks + after Maranda's death.
17 Durgin Maranda

Sept 20, 1854 Ae 18ys 9ms How sad was the hour when death's icy fingers; Clasped the beautiful form of my lovely Maranda. Her sweet cherub smile round this hear ever lingers, It will ne'er be erased til the sun of life sets.
18 Young Peggy J
July 9, 1881 Ae 71ys 10ms; Wife of J. M. Young
19 Gorden Frances S
Aug 1, 1893 Ae 62 ys
20 Gorden John

Sept 22, 1885 Ae 72
21 Kennedy Annie G.M.
Aug 27, 1886 Ae 9
22 Williams Deborah
1819 1885 Wife of C. Williams
23 Williams James

Ae 7ys 9ms
24 Williams C W 1823 1892

25 Williams Elvin H
Aug 23, 1886 Ae 2ys 7ms; Of such is the kingdom of heaven
26 Young Cyrus C
March 10, 1903 Ae 81ys 10ms 21ds; At rest There may be two graves here, but only one stone
27 Goodrich Lizzie

Nov 6, 1863 Ae 27; Wife of Franklin Goodrich
28 Morris James

Aug 29, 1863 Ae 13ys 1mo; Son of Richard and Mary Morris
29 Loomis George
1810 1881

30 Brooks Willie M

Ae 8hs 8ms; Son of M.R. & C.D. Brooks
31 Bumpus Lovina

Mar 23, 1909 Ae 79. Wife of Sylvester Bumpus; Gone but not forgotten.
32 Bumpus Sylvester

Sept 29, 1880 Ae 59ys
33 Durgin Sadie
1861 1888 Wife of F.J. Durgin
34 Jones Sarah D Mar 27, 1907 May 24, 1907 Dau of W.E. & J.E. Jones
35 Young Wm. Worth Jan 30, 1853 Apr 13, 1911 An affectionate husband.
36 Young Lucy S. Oct 19, 1849 Oct 6, 1927 His wife; At home in Heaven.
37 Young Nora Estella 1887 1902 Dau of Wm. W. & Lucy S. Young; And the angels took her home.
38 Durgin Lovina M

Infant dau. Of John H. and L.A. Durgin
39 Durgin Lydia A
June 2, 1896 Ae 44ys 4ms 13ds; Wife of John H. Durgin
40 Durgin John H
Oct 18, 1912 Ae 77ys 10ms 14ds

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