The Bingham Herald

Wednesday - April 21, 1897

Town News - Caratunk

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Joe Spaulding started his crew for cold stream to-day.
Game warden Davis of Madison has been in town for a few days past.
Mark Merrill has bought and taken possession of the house recently occupied by Leon Webster.
Mrs. Paterson of Solon is stopping with her daughter, Mrs. Philander Baker.
O.H. Clark and Bert Butler took a short trip on their wheels to-day.
John Sterling, Wm. Adams, Chas. Foss and C.C. Stewart went to Bingham Saturday to attend the Free Mason meeting.
Oliver Williams has just returned from a down river "bust."
Mr. and Mrs. Philander Baker went to Bingham Saturday.
Will Robinson and lady friend passed through town Friday.
A large number of the Odd Fellows from this place attended the lodge at Bingham Friday.
Dick Morris went to Bingham Friday and returned Saturday.
Oscar Clark purchased anew Crawford wheel at Bingham, Friday.
Mrs. Mary A. Bean is at work for Mrs. Gelia Bean.
Mrs. Gelia Bean wishes to thank her kind friends for their useful little gift that was presented to her last week by subscription.
Leon Webster has gone to Binghjam for O.H. Clark, after a load of goods.

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