The Somerset County Leader

October 4, 1938

Purely Personal - Bingham

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Mrs. Earl Taylor and Mrs. Raymond Blanchard visited relatives in Stratton, Wednesday. Raymond Blanchard, jr, remained in Stratton for several days to visit his grandparents.
Mrs. Mildred Lane and Mrs. Myrtelle Blanchard visited Mrs. Alton Lane at Solon on Tuesday. They made the trip from Bingham to Solon and return by bicycle.
Miss Marcia Crombie, who teaches school at Haverhill, New Hampshire, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Crombie, over the weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fentiman drove Mrs. Ida Strout to her home in Leeds Junction yesterday. Mrs. Strout has been visiting her brother, Charles Fentiman, and other relatives in Bingham, for the past several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bowen were in Portland over the week-end visiting their daughter Aileen, who is a student in Westbrook Junior College.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fentiman visited Mr. and Mrs. Norris Taylor on Sunday at the Taylor's new farm near Monmouth.
Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Woodard and Miss Elizabeth Thompson took Marilyn, Lorraine, and Loretta Woodard, who visited relatives in town during the school recess, to their home in Guilford last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Woodard and family of Guilford, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Woodard to Sebec Lake where they had a picnic dinner.
Mrs. Donald Hunnewell, a daughter Mary Lou, and son Henry, and Mrs. Kendall Hunnewell, and daughter Joanne, of Skowhegan, were weekend guests of Mrs. Allan Hunnewell.
Mr. and Mrs. Omar Sawyer of China Lake were in town last Saturday. Mr. Sawyer left for Alabama Tuesday night where he is employed by Hollingsworth and Whitney. Mrs. Sawyer returned to her home in Bingham last Monday where she will stay for a few weeks.
Ernest Andrews and Bernard Andrews attended a dinner given by a grain dealers' group at the Exchange Hotel in Farmington last Thursday.
James Hilton, a student at Hebron Academy, visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Errold Hilton, over the weekend.
Miss Janet Doe, a student at Farmington Normal School, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Doe, this weekend.
Mrs. Charles Ball has closed her home on Preble Street for the Winter and has gone to Springfield, Mass., where she will make her home.
Miss Virginia Shepardson, a student at Farmington Normal School, and Miss Katherine Taylor, a school friend of Miss Shepardson, were weekend guests of Miss Shepardson's mother, Mrs. Calla Shepardson.
Miss Louise Miller visited her brother and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Miller of Augusta, during the past week.
Dwight and Blin Witham went to Portland last Saturday night and visited Miss Janet Smith's mother, Mrs. Gladys Smith. Miss Smith and Miss Ada Senior, who went to Portland following the teachers' convention, returned on Sunday with Blin and Dwight Witham.
Hayden Rogers and Arlie Dinsmore attended the Colby-Maine football game at Orono last Saturday.
Mrs. Doris White left for St. Petersburg, Florida, on Tuesday, where she has employment for the Winter. Mrs. White will visit friends and relatives on the way.
Robie Howes and Annette Smith visited Mrs. Robie Howes, who is in the Eastern Maine General hospital in Bangor, last Sunday.
Mrs. Milton Baker and Mrs. Allan Hunnewell visited Mrs. Donald Hunnewell of Skowhegan on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Smith of Manchester, N.H., have moved into the George Jones house on Preble Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Errold Hilton and daughter Shirley, and son James, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Omar Sawyer of China Lake last Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sterling and son, Donald, jr., visited Mrs. Sterling's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Fred Sidell of Skowhegan last Saturday.
Bernard Andrews and James Clark motored to Waterville on business last Monday.
Howard Bowen of Bingham was elected delegate at the State Teachers' Convention, to the National Education Association annual meeting in San Francisco next year.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baldwin spent the past week in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Miss Winola Harrison of Madison, field worker for the division of old age assistance, was in town on business last Tuesday.
The Reverend and Mrs. Arthur R. Macdougall, jr., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jordan and Miss Lillian Comey of Bingham attended a church conference at Bangor on Wednesday.
John Craig, who is a student at the University of Maine at Orono, spent Friday with his mother, Mrs. Effie Jane Craig, at the home of Mrs. Craig's brother, Robie Robinson. Mrs. Craig and her son left for Bangor, Saturday morning, where Mrs. Craig expects to spend the Winter.
Jack Parnell returned to Stratton Wednesday, after being the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fentiman.
Carlton Dudley of Togus visited his sister, Mrs. Eva Bachelder, this week.
Mrs. Kenneth Woodard and daughter Barbara, spent a few days this week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Lane and daughters Christine and Bertha, visited relatives in Portland last weekend.
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roberts went to Portland last week. Mrs. Roberts attended the Rebekah Assembly of Maine, and Mr. Roberts attended Grand Lodget, I.O.O.F. of maien. Mrs. Annie Moore accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Roberts and visited her niece, Mrs. Walter Perkins of South Portland.
Mrs. Joseph DeRocher of Stratton visited her sister, Mrs. Stanley Roberts, and her uncle, Stephen Clark, last week.
Mrs. Thales Spalding, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Collins, motored to Waterville last Saturday.
Mrs. Cora Norton of New Sharon is spending the Winter with her daughter, Mrs. Mahlon Wentworth.
David Alkins played the pipe organ at York, Maine, last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Alkins and daughter Margaret, and son David, spent last weekend with relatives in Lynn, Mass.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Whipple of Scarboro visited Mrs. Whipple's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Goodrich.
Lloyd Irvine and Janet Irvine spent a few days with their aunt, Mrs. Hazen Hunnewell.
Mrs. Wallace Savage and daughter Ruth, spent last weekend in Skowhegan.
Mrs. Leo Hill and Mrs. Doris White are visitors in Jackman on Friday.
Mrs. Leo Fournier has closed her home for the Winter and has gone to Kibby, where Mr. Fournier is employed in lumbering.
Dr. and Mrs. George Sullivan attended a poverty dance given by the Outing Club of Skowhegan, in East Madison, last Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Doe entertained Mr. and Mrs. V.I. Pierce and Sterling Pierce at their camp at Pleasant Pond.

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