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First Caisson

The Day Drill Sharpening Crew

Freddie McLaughlin and Team
Scene of a fatal accident

Kelley and Gifford, Drill Men

Plow Moving Snow on the New Road
1200- pound Blast

1800-pound Blast

After a Big Blast
Blasting Ledge #1

Blasting Ledge #2

Retaining Wall Cross Section
Looking Above the Dam

Looking Below the Dam

Wall of New Channel
Closing the Old River Course

Closing the Old Channel

Footbridge Where Rail Bridge Was Later Built
Rack for Coffer Dam

Coffer Dam

View of Entire Job
West Shore Retaining Wall Location

One of the Last Large Excavation Blasts

Last Caisson Sunk

The Society is grateful for the generosity of Wilder Rollins daughter,
who has provided photographs for this archive

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