Cemetery Lists - from sources at the Bingham Union Library


Most of the following lists were compiled in the 1990's by Nancy Hamlin Davis, with the assistance of her mother, Ruth Hamlin. Their work is invaluable to those of us searching for ancestors who lived, worked and died in the Upper Kennebec Valley. We are grateful for their efforts.

Electronic transcription by Marilyn Sterling-Gondek.

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Bingham Bingham Cemetery - Completed (large tables) : 347 Records ; 348-625 ; 626-832 , 833-908 , 909-1182 , 1183-1476 , 1477-1739 , 1740-1996, 1997-2205 ; 2206-2382; 2383-2465  ALPHA SEARCH
  Fall Brook Cemetery, Mahoney Hill
  Rte 201, south of town (by Mrs. Atwood's)
  Owen's Field Cemetery
  Rte 16 toward Mayfield (Ben Adams's field)
Brighton Brighton Cemetery
  Hall Cemetery
  York Cemetery
Caratunk Moore Cemetery, across from schoolhouse
  Rte 201 between Caratunk and The Forks
Caratunk Cemetery, Rte 201 south of town (Webster Cemetery) Part II
Concord Concord Cemetery, Rte. 16 (Cassidy Cemetery)
  by Kenneth Robinson's (Concord Corner Cemetery)
  by Clyne Bigelow's (Huggins Cemetery)
  Felker Cemetery, Savage Hill
Embden Pleasant Dale or Murphy or Boothby Cemetery
Gilman Corner Gilman Corner Cemetery
Harmony Sugar Hill Cemetery typescript contributed by Ardeana Hamlin
Jackman Holden Cemetery  Compiled and submitted by Sean Dubois, Moose River, ME
Kingsbury Campbell Cemetery
  Hilton Cemetery
  Kingsbury Cemetery
  Titcomb Cemetery, Rte 16
Mayfield Clark Cemetery, Old Stage Rd
Moscow Robinson Memorial Cemetery
  Sugar Town Cemetery
  Union Cemetery - 178 records;   179-302; 303-500; 501-700; 701-900
  Pierce Hill Cemetery
Pleasant Ridge Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Solon Evergreen Cemetery, River Rd
  Solon (Pierce Hill) Cemetery, Rte 201, fairly close to picnic area
  Pierce Cemetery, Rte 201, back of Moody house
  Solon Village Cemetery
  by Embden Bridge, end of Solon
South Solon South Solon Cemetery
  South Solon Burial Ground, est 1835
The Forks Durginville Cemetery
  Bean Cemetery - Mountain Road - Contributed by Frances Durgin Stuart
Wellington Wellington Cemetery, Hutchins Corner Rd

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