Holden Cemetery - Jackman, Maine

Compiled and Submitted by Sean Dubois of Moose River, Maine
as part of an Eagle Scout project (2004)
Sean undertook a comprehensive cleaning and restoration project on the Holden Cemetery,
and has given photographs and additional data to the Jackman Historical Society.

ID Last Name First Name MI Birth Date Death Date Inscription Notes
A1 ray henry
n/d 8/28/1878 Ae15yrs
A10 holden capt. Samuel,jane
n/d,n/d 3/19/18581/19/1850 Ae85yrs9ms2ds, Ae 81yrs 1mo 12ds
A11 farnsworth,holden rachel,capt jabez
1738,1735 1829,1787 who was wounded in the battle of bunker hill in 1820 mrs holden moved to moose river with her son capt samuel holden the first settle this stone was erected by her descendants in 1904

A3 bartley edith m.m n/d 2/24/1886 Ae9mos edith safe now with jesus in his care little edith is in heaven out little bud now now blossoms there she was only lent not given
A4 bartley annie
n/d 1/16/1890 long nights and days in pain I prayed for health but all in vain but god above he knew best to take my sould and give me merest now dear husband my life is past my love for you so long did last but after me no sorrow take but love my little boy for my sak
A5 bartley james
1859 1920 at rest
A6 moore mary a n/d 8/30/1886 Ae53ys5ms14js sweetly resting, wife of john moore
A7 moore john b 6/6/1836 8/16/1915

A8 moore abel n n/d 5/17/1848 AEt28
A9 moore john,salley b,? n/d,n/d 10/23/1855,4/28/1852 Ae63,Ae44 jesus can make a dying bed feel soft as downy pillow are while on his breast I lean my head and breathe my life out sweetly there
B1 holden waiton
5/17/1889 4/25/1890

B10 colby clavin,ora h,m 7/26/1968,4/28/1879 12/3/1947,2/18/1917
double tablet
B11 colby jonas, clara h,- n/d 7/12/1915,3/8/1913 Ae82ys2ms7ds at rest,78ys11ms8ds in jesus arms she is blest
B12 colby almira
n/d n/d wife of ambrose colby
B13 moore seth
n/d 7/27/1905 Ae77ys11msFather thou hast gone to rest thy toilsand caresare oer and sorrow, pain, and suffering shall neer distress thee more.
B14 moore lydia j n/d 4/4/1884 thier is rest in heaven-wife of seth moore-Ae50yrs-she is now with angels watching each and every move we make she will make our entrance welcome when we meet her at the gate
B15 moore herbert s n/d 6/1/1879 Ae2 yrs3ms7ds though sleeping is his little form beneath the mouldering sod in the resurrection morn twill upward rise to god
B16 moore emma l n/d 5/19/1979 Ae14yrs9ms1day what gone without one farewell word or kiss our loved one source of fond parental bliss yes it is so death's cold and ruthless hand. Has wrested on from out most happy band our emma clothed with immoriality may pluck the golden fruit from insc ext. lifes fair tree and by lifes river join the pure and blest who safe in jesus love will ever rest
B17 moore mary e n/d 5/17/1879 Ae6yrs7ms12ds we fondly loved her yet the summons came and now with saddened hearts we speak her name the vancant chair the little waiting bed too plamly say your eva dear is dead
B18 moore effie c n/d 4/25/1872 Ae11mos20ds
B19 moore hiram o n/d 9/26/1864 Ae2ys8ms26d. Kind parents why those tears and why those bursting sighs no weeping here bedins your hith darlings eye
B2 holden *infant sons*
n/d 1882

B20 moore fiavilla
n/d 7/12/1856 Ae1mo12ds sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest god called thee home when he thought best
B21 moore charley e n/d 9/19/1861 Ae2ys1mo14d death may come with ___ and his call we must obey what is life tis but a vapor appeors but soon put away
B3 holden henry O
10/6/1885 gone but not forgotten
B4 sands rebecca a
1/30/1924 wife of john holden formerly wife of henry o holde
B5 holden richard
1842 1920 mary felker his wife 1846-1928 HOLDEN
B6 moore charlie

8/19/1873 son of geo. M& Nancy sleep on sweet babeAE 10 mos
B7 moore nancy
n/d 9/11/1885

B8 moore,newton george,lucy m,a 1840,1869 1923,19?? father, mother
B9 colby george b 3/25/1864 1/3/1927 FATHER , at rest
C1 henry robert
n/d 4/14/1896 Ae 26ys9ms asleep in jesus
C10 newton horace g n/d 7/2/1894 Ae10yrs , drowned, the angels called him on sunny day
C11 newton israel p n/d 2/14/1890 Ae38yrs 10ms&1day, husband and father, meet me in the hollow for parted friends shall ??
C12 newton margaret m 11/26/1856 2/12/1908 brothers sisters friends and daughters do not weep and mourn for me tather strive to live and meet me in the home where I have gone
C13 newton phylander
n/d 11/18/1913 Ae 75ys4ms29ds spelling different on childerns head stones
C14 newton mary w n/d 3/26/1912 Ae67yrs4ms12ds
C15 joshson isabella a 10/12/1881 12/16/1908 wife of joseph T joshon
C16 newton ellsworth
n/d 6/17/1886 Ae19yrs a friend to all son of philander and mary newton
C17 newton lorinda
n/d 3/6/1897 Ae86 rest in peace
C18 newton orrilla
n/d 12/30/1863 Ae7yrs 11ds sleep on sweet child and take thy rest god called thee hoe when he thought best
C19 newton galon
n/d 9/20/1861 Ae55
C2 henry william
n/d 7/21/1897 Ae32yrs
C3 hyde william
n/d 6/1/1902 Ae72yrs he has gone to inunsions of rest
C4 talpey hakriet,augustus s,t 1854,1855 1888,1918

C5 talpey ralph,matilda r.d 1884,1886 ????,1960

C6 talpey maurice
1910 1980

C7 moore joseph
n/d 11/6/1856 Ae57ys5ms
C8 moore eliza v n/d 4/18/1879 Ae79 wife of s.shalley
C9 newton addie c 1888 1961

D1 sawyer alura,queen
4/28/1889,9/30/1897 7/20/1889,102/1897 son of o.&u.m. sawyer, dau of o.&u.m. sawyer front,back
D10 holden otis
n/d 3/7/1802 Ae78yrs11ms17ds farewell my wife+children from you a father christ doth call family monument
D11 holden william
n/d 1/7/1962 Ae1day son of otis and margaret holden
D12 holden catharine
n/d 10/7/1951 Aet1mo dau of otis and margaret holden
D13 holden margaret
n/d 1/11/1863 Ae37ys wife of otis holden
D14 holden eliza j n/d 5/22/1848 et26 wife of otis holden

D3 holden melvin e 1866 1935

D4 barney melinda m n/d 8/27/1878 Ae10yr28ds dau of lawrence & hannah barney
D5 holden zilla
n/d 9/29/1918 Ae24ys+10ms dau of heman w& maggie holden
D6 holden maggie
n/d 12/21/1896 Ae27yrs1mo and the angels took her home wife of herman w holden
D7 holden heman
n/d 1/22/1930 Ae59yrs7ms
D8 holden minnie
n/d 1/25/1932 Ae69yrs1mo says DarSym
D9 holden hannah
n/d 11/10/1901 Ae61yrs6mos21ds she believes +sleepsin jesus
E1 mcdaniels wilmington,hanna,james a 1857,1831,1826 1882,1889,1922
family stone
E10 holden jonas F.H. 1852 1863

E11 holden samuel
1815 1884

E12 holden annis t 3/30/1825 1/25/1892 wife of samuel holden

n/d n/d
E14 ray john
n/d 7/30/1878 Ae77yrs
E15 ray william
n/d 7/29/188? Ae 86yrs 1mos alseep in jesus
E16 ray jane
2/15/1873 2/15/1873 Ae78yrs mother thou art gone to rest and this shall be out prayer ___ when we reach ou journey's end thy glory___ may share
E17 ray ray jr
2/29/1829 12/27/1907 I know that my redeemer liveth
E18 holden winfield s n/d 9/17/1862 Ae 4ys 4ms son of benj? & jane holden
E2 farley george,lulie ?/L n/d,n/d n/d,8/21/1898 Ae24yrs 10mos&14ds safe in the arms of jesus family monument
E3 kennedy *infant*
n/d 6/9/1816 son of james & nancy a kennedy-at rest
E4 kennedy *infant*
n/d 4/6/1875 At16ds dau of james & nancy a kennedy at rest
E5 kennedy nancy,james a,? 1854,1844 1915,1915 at rest double stone
E6 kennedy eugene g 4/2/1886 9/4/1886 yet all is well god's good destany see that where out treasure is our hearts may be *back* Ae5mo2ds
E7 hughey,ray robert,jane a,? 7/13/1834,12/12/1834 5/6/1915,7/23/1913 blessed are the dead who die in the lord for they rest from their labor*back*we shall meet beyond the river
E8a hughey william
n/d 8/11/1889 Ae29yrs3ms13days one by one earth's ties are broekn as we see our love decay and the hopes so fondly cherished brighter but to pass away one by one out hopes grow brighter as we near the shining shore for we know across the river wait the loved ones gone *insc ext.* before
E8b hughey isaac f n/d 1/20/1880 Ae7ys11ms20days our daling at rest
E8c hughey george a n/d 1/14/1880 Ae11yr10ms15ds peaceful are of those our who sleep in jesus
E8d hughey eben t n/d 1/2/1880 Aeys10ms25ds with the angels
E9 wilson florilla j n/d 11/6/1880 Ae2yrs
F1 henderson henry
n/d 10/18/1889 Ae24yrs2mos
F2 bu?mpu?s margaret
n/d 12/31/1872 Ae67yrs1014ds wife of zephaniu?h not positive about U's
F3 pressey franklin g n/d 12/21/1864 Ae47
G1 newton isaac,rosetta ?,e 3/19/1844,3/13/1854 8/2/1910,12/6/1937 he giveth his beloved sleep
G10 henderson sarah j n/d 2/14/1869 Ae41ys8ms weep not for me my friend's most dear I am not dead but sleeping here till the last trump shall bid me rise to meet my savior in the skies
G11 henderson wm.
n/d 5/8/1907 Ae88yrs1mo&16ds gone but not forgotten beloved husband of isebell henderson
G12 henderson isabell
n/d 2/18/1917 Ae72yrs2mos&25ds in loving rememberance
G2 newton ira d n/d 8/28/1878 Ae1yr8ms23ds son of isaac & rosetta e.
G3 newton izyllia g n/d 8/25/1878 Ae3ys6ms13ds dau of isaac & rosetta e.
G4a grafft? elizabeth a n/d 5/7/1890 Ae41ys9ms front
G4b no name edward,george,thomas d,f,a n/d,n/d,n/d 7/12/1872,1/26/1880,2/8/1880 Ae1yr11ms Ae5ys8ms Ae13ys11ms back
G5 holden queen m 6/24/1879 9/8/1913 in loving remembrance- gone but not forgotten
G6 holden lydia w n/d 3/29/1912 Ae68yrs+5mos her spirit smiles from that bright shore and softly whispers "weep no more"
G7 holden henry g n/d 2/3/1899 Ae54yrs9mos+27ds farwell my wife and children all from you a father chris doth call
G8 holden millard
n/d 7/23/1873 millard is no more no more we see his charms sickness + death with him is over he sleeps in jesus' arms *back*only son of henry+lydia w.
G9 wilson eliza j n/d 2/19/1869 Ae32yrs 8 mos a faithful friends a mother dear a lovely wife is buried here in love she lived in peace she died her life was sought and yet denied
H1 smith alec
n/d 2/19/1905 Ae33yr9mos&13ds
n/d 12/29/1970 Ae38yrs8ms wife of james henderson

n/d n/d

H2 smith eluira
n/d 5/14/1899 Ae21yrs1mo&25ds weep not for me my husband clear I am not dead but resting here waiting to here the call when given come meet your loved ones all in heaven

n/d n/d

H4 holden lyman o 1863 1939

H5 holden mae a n/d 2/14/1901 Ae31yrs10ms&6ds dau of leui w & eliza holden- our darling mae
H6 holden levi,elisa
11/23/1839,12/31/1845 7/18/1873,11/9/1922 gone but not forgotten
H7 holden sewel d n/d 6/26/1873 Ae64yrs3ms8ds poor boy he had earthly friends __ __ the faithful and the true he always knew a mothers love a fathers tender care in all the many joys of home he always had a share 2 lines unreadable and the word faith is questionable
H8 redman catharine
n/d 1/11/1879 Ae20yrs6mos a loving wife a sister dear a faithful friend is buried here in love she lived to peace she died her life was sought but yet denied
H9 henderson adeline f n/d 1/15/1879 Ae10yrs8ms thy __ for dying friend on ___ death adorns ___ voice that jesus sends to call them to his arms
I1 forbes addiee
n/d 10/16/1890 Ae11mos20ds gone but not forgotten
I10 holden james w 5/25/1825 7/25/1849

I11 shelley stephen
n/d 12/31/1907 Ae 85 85yrs 1mo&26ds born at hailsham england a friend to all
I12 shelley joahha
n/d 8/16/1862 Ae30ys10ms wife of stephen shelley
I13 shelley stephen,hannah w,m 6/15/1859,8/19/1868 2/10/1912,7/9/1936
family monument
I14 shelley avis b 1894 1988 nurse US navy world war I
I15 shelley rose e n/d 8/1/1862 Ae1yrs3ms dau of stephen & joanna shelley
stephen w n/d n/d
same person as on monument
hannah m n/d n/d
same person as on monument
I18 colby melintas h n/d 8/17/1859 Ae11ys2ms4ds son of philander m & mary a colby
I19 colby george g n/d 11/19/1854 Ae3ys11ms son of philander m &mary a colby
I2 newton eldora b n/d 10/12/1904 Ae22yrs6ms&25ds dau of amon &eliza gone but not forgotten
I3 newton wesley e n/d 6/8/1898 Ae19yrs18ds son of amon &eliza not lost but gone before
I4 newton ammon
n/d 1/5/1892 Ae49ys10ms23ds name spelt differantly than on childrens stones
I5 newton elvira
n/d 1/6/1876 Ae20yrs6ms wife of amon newton she sleeps beneanth her native earth and neur? The spot that gave her birth her youthful feel trod flowers that bloom in beauty a'er her early lamb
I6 holden melintas
n/d 5/7/1877 Ae77yrs3ms13ds
I7 holden joanna
n/d 1/4/1859 Ae56 wife of melintas holden
I8 holden *two infant children*
n/d n/d two infant children of melintas &joanna

n/d n/d

J1 runnells,grafft allen,jennie w,e 1859,1868 19??,1926

J2 lamber frank a n/d n/d 19 ME. INF.
n/d n/d Ae23? 4 lines illegeable
J4 lockyer martin
n/d 1901 erected by wm lockyer
K1 childs hattie e 4/11/1865 11/26/1891 wife of john f. childs
K2 childs clara m 8/16/1895 9/30/1895 dau of john & lillian childs
K3 childs vinale f 9/5/1903 9/28/1904 son of john & lillian childs
K4 childs lillian l 7/11/1873 5/16/1904 wife of john f childs
K5 childs johns f 9/8/1860 3/18/1935

K6 childs charles h n/d 1/17/1927 Aet67yrs &4mos
K7 childs oliver f n/d 6/11/1898 Co. C 24th ME Regt. Gone but not forgotten
K8 childs mary
n/d 11?/9/1891 Ae75yrs wife of oliver f childs an affectionate mother we miss thee

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