Historical Accounts and Documents

Ervin W. Moore Interview transcribed by Leona Redmond Sterling
Moore family history and life in the Bingham area in the 19th century. Ervin was a descendant of Luther and Hannah Baker Moore as well as Aaron and Esther Nutting Moore.

Directory of the Independent Mutual Home Telephone Companies - January 1, 1926
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Civil War Letters to Nathan F. Blunt, Surgeon - from his family in Bingham.
Two letters from his wife Lizzie, one from A.D. Blunt regarding Nathan's life insurance policy renewal, and a short note from Nathan's daughter, Carrie.

A History of the Hotel at Caratunk (The Sterling Hotel) Built by Joseph Spaulding in 1816 and operated to the present time. Includes the 1854 to 1857 settlement between Spaulding and Clark for the sale of the hotel.

The River, by Al Stuart Memoir by a Moscow native who worked as a river driver and rafter on the Upper Kennebec before he joined the construction crew working on coffer dams and rigging for the Wyman Dam project.

A Hail to the Hunter, by Holman Day (1900) Humorous poem about the "sports" who came in great numbers at the turn of the twentieth century for hunting adventures in the wilds of Maine. Who was Holman Day?

Hotel Cahill, Bingham Maine
Article about the opening of the hotel in 1922; Page showing advertising materials ; Article about the fire that destroyed the hotel in 1934.
This hotel opened in 1922 and was elegantly furnished. It catered to tourists traveling to and from Quebec, boasting fine dining and antique furnishings. It was run by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Cahill, formerly of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mr. Cahill having built it first as a home in about 1907.

Statement of Facts related to the petition of the Somerset and Kennebec Railroad Company, undated.
Shown at the hearing of the petition of the Somerset and Kennebec Railroad Company, before the Committee on Railroads, Ways and Bridges. This tract is not dated, but is presumed to be from the 1870's due to the fact that one of the signers, Abner Dinsmore, died in 1879 and the latest historical date mentioned in the tract is 1868. Please contact us with information about firmer dating or context.

Waterville Morning Sentinal- August 2, 1944 Article about the POW camp at Spencer Field, Hobbstown, Somerset County.
View the article | Read a transcription | View photos of the prisoner of war camp kitchen, mess hall, wash stand (laundry), recreation room, barracks, dispensary.
Please note: Photos are credited as U.S. Signal Corps Photos by Sentinelsman. The article was probably filed by Eva D. Bachelder, Bingham correspondent, though there is no byline.

Boston Daily Advertiser - October 3, 1818 Published by Nathan Hale.
Article about the building of the Canada Road and settlement of the lands along the route.

Solon M.E. Church School Annual, 1929
Church and town historical information, alumni lists, biographies, etc.

Wolves Subdued with Difficulty
William B. Moor(e) was a noted driver of oxen, and here tells his wolf story, which took place in the winter of 1843.

Manual of the First Congragational Church - Bingham, Maine 1910
Roll of members, history and list of ministers.

Reunion of Charles E Ball Teachers Association - 1923
Account of the gathering with lists of names of some of the sixty-five attendees. The association was made up of those who taught under the supervision of Charles E. Ball during his tenure as superintendent.

Trestle On Abandoned RR Bed Still Serves Travelers - Eva D. Bachelder, 1947
Rugged Gulf Stream Trestle was used to truck logs to various mills after trains were discontinued. Extensive history and anecdotal information and photo.

Man Can Ride a Log, But There is Wading With Pulp - Eva D. Bachelder, 1948, probably from the Waterville Sentinel
Article about the logging experiences of Wallace E. York, who worked under Sherm Bean, Walter Robinson, Joe Spaulding, Robert Hilton, John Cahill, Jetro Stevens and Melver Ross. Mentions the Tim Brook log drive, Dead River among other places that this native of The Forks worked.

Early Settlers Used Austin Stream for Water Power - probably from the Waterville Sentinel
An account of the caulk and lumber mills that used water power from Austin Stream. Description of the business enterprises of Baker, Brackett, Andrews, Colby and Dinsmore.

Blasting of Old Bluff Ledge at Concord Uncovers Old Silver Vein ; Bluff Photo and caption - 1948, probably from the Waterville Sentinel
An account of the old silver mine and description of the ore.

History and Occupants of Main Street, Bingham around 1870
A remembrance by Erwin W. Moore, transcribed by his granddaughter, Nancy Tancredi
from a typed copy in the Bingham Union Library.

Early History of Bingham
The Kennebec Valley. S.H. Whitney 1887 Augusta: Sprague, Burleigh & Flynt, Printers to the State. 1887, CHAPTER VI.

Moses C. Runnells - A Pioneer Lumberman
Interviewed for The Richmond Bee, Friday Feb 9, 1900.

Lovina McKenney - Jackman
One of Somerset County's Aged Women

Meanest Thieves
Very brief article about theft of cash through an open window in Solon. Harry Baker was the victim. Martin Atwood and Frank Livingston investigated.

Contract for Cutting and Hauling Logs - September, 1902
Fred Clark of Caratunk and Great Northern Paper Co. of Madison
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