Pierce Pond Stream Camps
Selected Historical Images (click to enlarge)
Photographs Courtesy of Tim Harrison,
Proprietor of Harrison's Pierce Pond Camps

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Pierce Pond Stream Camps were built by Ralph Sterling, then owner of the Sterling Hotel at Caratunk, in 1934. They were sold to Bud and Dori Williams in 1975 and then in 1986 to Tim Harrison, who runs them now and kindly shared these photos. For an excellent history of sporting camps in the area see Gary Cobb and Alfred H. Fenton's 1992 book The History of Pierce Pond.

Construction, circa 1934

Construction of Main Cabin, circa 1934

Main Cabin from the Backk
An Early Brochure, when still Sterling's
Brochure Cover and Back

BrochurAn Early Brochure Snapshots

BrochureAn Early Brochure Copy

Fishing Contest Announcement

Anna Roosevelt Boettiger
with her prizewinning catch

in the 1940's
(see article)

Anna Roosevelt Boettiger
and Leona Sterling
looking up at the flagpole

Anna Roosevelt Boettiger
and Leona Sterling Looking Skyward

The Bridge over Pierce Pond Stream

Frank Bean and friend with a catch

The Camps in Winter
Bridge over Pierce Pond Stream

The Stream Bed

Cover and back of an early brochure
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