Perley Bickford

Obituary - 1930

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1. Perley Bickford

Bingham, March 31 (Special)

The funeral of Perley Bickford was held at the funeral home of A. A. Dinsmore, Bingham, Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Rev. Arthur R. MacDougal officiating.

Mr. Bickford died at his home at Pleasant Ridge Friday eveing. He suffered a shock last summer and was ill for some time, but had been in much better health for a few months. About a week ago he was stricken with the second attack from which he never recovered consciousness. He was born in North Anson 50 years ago, the son of Charles and Almira Bickford. He moved to Pleasant Ridge 33 years ago, where he has lived with the exception of a few years spent in Bingham. Twenty-five years ago, he married Miss Alzada Rowe who survives him. For the past few years, Mr. and Mrs. Bickford have made their home with Mrs. Bickford's foster mother, Mrs. Emma Healy, at the Healy Camps.

When Mr. Bickford's parents died, there were three young sisters at home, these Mr. and Mrs. Bickford cared for, until they reached womanhood, the youngest, Esther died a few years ago at the age of 18. Thirteen years ago, following the death of his mother, they adopted an infant boy, Harold, who has been as a son to them. Besides the family mentioned, there is a brother, William Bickford of Plaistown, N.H., and four sisters, Mrs. Della Willey and Mrs. Laura Steward of Pleasant Ridge, Mrs. Carrie Loull of Canton, Mass, and Mrs. Beatrice Littlefield of Pittsfield.

Mr. Bickford was highly respected in the community, he served in several town offices for a number of years; he was a member of Mr. Moxie lodge, of Odd Fellow, and the Centennial Rebekah lodge.

2. Perley Bickford

The many friends of Perley Bickford were grieved to hear of his death Friday evening, at his home at Pleasant Ridge. Mr. Bickford was born March 7, 1880 at North Anson, the son of Charles and Alvira Carl Bickford, but about thirty-three years ago, went to Pleasant Ridge, where he has always lived with the exception of six years that the family lived in Bingham.

On Nov. 21, 1904, Mr. Bickford was married to Alzada Rowe of Pleasant Ridge, who survives him, also a son by adoption, Harold Andrews Bickford.

Mr. Bickford suffered a nerve shock last July and since that time has been in very poor health, and on March 21st suffered a severe paralytic stroke from which he did not rally.

Miss Yvette Poulin, R.N,. of Skowhegan, took care of him. The surviving sisters and brothers are Mrs. Roy Willey and Mrs. Percy Steward of Pleasant Ridge; Willie Bickford of Plaiston, N.H., Mrs. Beatrice Littlefield of Pittsfield, and Mrs. Christine Holycross of Plain City, Ohio.

Funeral services were held Monday at 2 p.m. at Arlie Dinsmore's undertaking parlors. Interment will be in Riverside Cemetery, Bingham.

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